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ClarusIPC Plus+
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ClarusIPC Plus+

ClarusIPC Plus+ provides end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) service management for Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony systems during new deployments, upgrades and ongoing operations.

Clarus 4 Pillars

ClarusIPC Plus+ maximizes performance and availability through
Automated Testing, Performance Monitoring, Configuration Management
and Business Intelligence.

ClarusIPC Plus+:  Four Pillars that Empower Unified Communications

  • Automated Testing
    • If you haven't tested it, it's probably broken. Automatically tests all the functionality that end users rely upon to get their job done.
    • Troubleshooting: Provides troubleshooting and remote phone control applications that allow support personnel to fix problems faster.
  • Performance Monitoring
    • Monitor and alerts on problems in voice quality, service availability, performance, security, capacity and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).   
  • Configuration Management
    • Track configuration change as they occur.  Routinely discovering data to populate a Configuration Management Database, automating inventory change reports, and monitor registration status changes.
  • Business Intelligence
    • Dashboard, reporting & analytics of inventory, tests and KPI’s that business and IT can leverage to avoid outages, reduce costs and create competitive advantages.

As noted by a Project manager at one of the worlds largest IT companies…the Clarus Systems team is fantastic and continues to demonstrate an incredible work ethic. Leveraging the magnitude of solutions expertise that Clarus Systems has, saves our team a lot of headaches with some of our largest financial services projects.
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