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ClarusIPC Plus+

ClarusIPC Plus+ provides end-to-end Voice over IP (VoIP) service management for Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony systems during new deployments, upgrades and ongoing operations.

Clarus 4 Pillars

ClarusIPC Plus+ maximizes performance and availability through
Automated Testing, Performance Monitoring, Configuration Management
and Business Intelligence.

ClarusIPC Plus+:  Four Pillars that Empower Unified Communications

  • Automated Testing
    • If you haven't tested it, it's probably broken. Automatically tests all the functionality that end users rely upon to get their job done.
    • Troubleshooting: Provides troubleshooting and remote phone control applications that allow support personnel to fix problems faster.
  • Performance Monitoring
    • Monitor and alerts on problems in voice quality, service availability, performance, security, capacity and other Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).   
  • Configuration Management
    • Track configuration change as they occur.  Routinely discovering data to populate a Configuration Management Database, automating inventory change reports, and monitor registration status changes.
  • Business Intelligence
    • Dashboard, reporting & analytics of inventory, tests and KPI’s that business and IT can leverage to avoid outages, reduce costs and create competitive advantages.

"Where have you been? We needed this over a year and a half ago!. "

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